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Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Review: Killing Lions

Killing Lions is a departure from Eldridge's normal writing style.  This book is a conversation between John Eldridge and his son Sam who is in his 20's

Eldridge gives honest insight to his son who discusses his college and post college struggles in his journey to learn what a Man of God is and how to make the decision to strive for that in his own life.

Covering subjects honestly such as relationships, dealing with money, getting married and life calling as you read this father's caring words for his son you will find wisdom to be spoken to your own sons as well.

Eldridge identifies the decade of your 20's as the "season of the warrior". As he describes his journey he discovers that "courage and process" were the repeating factors in feeling validated as a man. Written in a way that any male will be drawn in and identify with the author truth is spoken clearly and bluntly.

My husband is a college football coach in the south and as we discussed this book it was clear that the subjects covered in Killing Lions are absolutely relevant to the Millennial male.  This book could be read individually, would make a great small group book or mentoring book.  This would make a great graduation gift for a high school senior as well.

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