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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Recipe: Freezer Smoothies

The fall can be a crazy time for our family and unfortunately we all know that when life gets crazy one of the first things to change in our eating habits.  This year I'm working harder to make sure we stay on track with eating healthy and one big change is breakfast.  Instead of waffles and cereal I've decided to make sure Coach is off to the office with a smoothie.  

As you can see there is a few smoothie recipes here and if you look closely the middle, bottom smoothie shows the greek yogurt not quite stirred in.  

Method: Pull out mason jars and line them up.  Add 1/2 c of greek yogurt to the bottom of each jar.  (this is really just to save space in the blender and the step can be avoided if you prefer to add the yogurt to the blender.)

Pull out ingredients and fill blender.  Add blended smoothie to jars leaving room, stir, close and freeze.

When you are ready to consume the smoothie pull out of the freezer and either let thaw or put in the microwave with lid off to speed up thawing.  

I have discovered putting my mason jar in a sock keeps it from sweating all over the counter.

Recipe for 1 smoothie:

1/2 c vanilla greek yogurt (Yoplait Light and Fit has been my choice due the the low Carbs)
1/2 c Silk Vanilla Almond Milk with Protein and Fiber
1 T chia seeds
1-2 C frozen fruit

This has a minimum of 17 grams of protein per jar.

Recipe for 1 smoothie:

1/2 c Silk Vanilla Almond Milk with Protein and Fiber
4 T PB2 or Chocolate PB 2
1/2 tray ice cubes
1 T chia seeds

This has a minimum of 14 grams of protein per jar  (you could add the vanilla greek for an additional 12 grams of protein if desired, I like to have dairy free options for days when I have fruit and yogurt for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch)

If I add the yogurt to the jars I can make 4 smoothies at a time making a week's worth of smoothies for 2 people less then a 30 min process.

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