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Friday, May 9, 2014

CWW: Homework

It's getting to be the end of the school year and I can completely relate with Jen Hatmaker's blog 

All that stuff you were completely on top of the fall have completely gone out the window.  Here in the mountains we are experiencing our first spring and LOVING it.  We've had a day or 2 of higher allergy meds needed, but over all, we are breathing easy and for first time EVER.  We are loving the sun being out, and the reasonable temps and we are really not loving the fact that the homework just does not end!

Tack on top of that random field trips, final fundraisers, dodging the PTA board nominations and we are on the count down!  Here's the problem with that....the boys still have final grades to come and our older boy has standardized testing yet.  4 days of it!

So last night as I was sitting down for the first time all day at 7pm and reminding our younger kid he couldn't go out and play yet because he had still not read his book that for the first time all year I didn't have to be the homework nag!  COACH was HOME!  All year he's listened to us complain about the overwhelming amount of homework assigned at this new school, and of course it was always done by the time he got home.  Now, in a post graduation, other coaches on the road recruiting world for the first time all year I have a partner.  I sighed a big sigh of relief and realized we will finish this year strong because we have a fresh cheerleader in our midst, one who wants to help with homework because it's brand new to him!  I've handed off the reigns and it feels great!

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