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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Review: Soul Keeping

In exchange for an honest review I was given a free copy of Soul Keeping via Book Look Bloggers

The Soul is quite the mystery isn't it?  It is referred to very often in scripture and sung about in churches weekly, and yet defining the soul or locating it even can be a challenge.  If you are feeling an emptiness and desire to see if your soul is calling to you, then this book is a great start.  John Ortberg has written a lovely book, filled with kindness, humor and raw truth for any reader desiring to do exactly what the book says "care for the most important part of you".  Ortberg takes the reader through his discussions with Dallas Willard and explains what he learned about the soul from Willard and then of course scripture as well.  I appreciated how specifically and throughly Ortberg helps the reader self identify warning areas where the soul is concerned and also how the reader is not left empty but is given tools to learn how to care for themselves.  This is a great read for any person desiring to grow deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus.

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