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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Review: Clout

Jenni Catron defines Clout as "The influence God has given you and to no one else.".  It might seem that writing about a unique, personal character trait would be very challenging and yet Catron bring the reader through a beautiful journey of self discovery very seamlessly.  

Catron takes the reader through all the emotions and actions that sabotage our ability to develop Clout and then creates few steps that walk the reader through how to begin to develop their personal Clout.  Catron speaks directly to the leader in each person, reminding us that as a leader we are called for more and need to give it our best effort.  

If you are feeling lost, in need of life direction or simply are wanting to know a few ways to encourage someone else along their path this is a great book to spring board from.  

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