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Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week's Game Plan

I cannot believe this is the last week of January!

I've started shopping once a month at Sam's Club and filling in with things we need to finish the month out (bread, milk, fresh produce) with a mid month stock up at a regular grocery store.  Most of the time for me this is either Food Lion or Kroger.   Because I'm trying to shop mostly once a month I have also found myself planning a rough draft of our menu a month at a time.  This has really cut down on my grocery bill as I find myself feeling less pressure to shop the weekly sales to "get the best prices".

This month I started making smoothies for breakfast, made biscuits from scratch for the first time, made my own taco seasoning for the first time and got back in the routine of having littles underfoot (at least a few days a week!)

I've have a new shopping tip for you.  If you shop bulk (Sam's, CostCo) check out their "click and pull" method.  This will give you a list of the majority of products in your local store and the local price.  You can walk into the store knowing exactly how much you will spend if you stick to your list!  I personally don't use the whole feature as I like to pick out my own produce.

I also have a new resource for you!  Rachael Ray has a new show out!  Rachael Ray's 3 in a Bag  If you don't like the recipes, you can still grab some awesome money saving tips and meal inspiriation.

Ok, so This Week's Menu and Game Plan:

Sunday: Chicken Enchilada Soup and cheese quesadillas (portion off the rest of the soup and freeze)

Monday: Creamy Italian Chicken in the crock pot, roasted basmati rice, salad  (I sub this for cream of chicken soup)

Tuesday: Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry over Peanut Noodles, salad

Wednesday: Chicken Burgers, Rice and noodles, green beans

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Baked Eggs w/bacon and cheese sandwiches, homemade biscuits, fruit

Saturday: Homemade Pizza! (Thai chicken on one, pepperoni on the other)

Sunday: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!  Tacos, rice and black beans, chips and dip, brownies and good company!


Sunday: Morning: put soup in crock pot, pull out chicken to thaw for M and Tue meals,
Afternoon: make up cream of chix soup, double recipe of rice and noodles,  make peanut sauce and chicken stir fry marinade (store separately in fridge), make noodles for stir fry (add 1 tsp olive oil and store in fridge) or make these TUES, broil off chicken burgers

Monday: place meal in crock pot (pull out cream cheese to soften, I use 1/2 recommended amount)

Tuesday: marinade chicken and stir fry up with broccoli, make or warm up pasta, combine sauces

Wednesday: warm up food, steam green beans

Friday: make egg bake and pizza dough

Saturday: make pizzas

Sunday: pull meal out of freezer, bake brownies

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