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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CWW: Moving with less stress

It's that time of year when coaching families all across the USA are swapping jobs as many coaches have resigned or gotten released from their positions.  We recently made a move of our own and even though it was our choice, it was still overwhelming.  One thing I found very helpful was my moving binder.  My bro in law was military and my sis in law kept a binder through all their moves.  Many of these ideas are straight from her.  One thing to keep in mind is that it is likely you will move in a way that separates you from your belongings for a bit.  Whether you move with a company that drives your belongings for you, have to place items in storage, move over a few months in parts, this binder is one thing you can have on hand to refer to that is easily transported.

This is a binder I created several years ago and keep updated as documents arrive.  For example, report cards arrive 4 times a year and are added to the binder.

Inside the first thing is a comprehensive cleaning list. (I refer to this several times a year)
Next there are 3 page protector sheets for storing loose ends, receipts, and papers that I don't want 3 hole punched.

Next are 3 folders that divide our paperwork out into categories:
Birth Certificates and License
Loan and Insurance Info.

So far I have photocopies of:
ss cards
birth certificates
marriage license
files from doctors (Our dr. recommended we get hard copies even though we could request digital transfers.  This tip was the difference between our kids starting school on time vs. having to wait for information to arrive.)
immunization records
car titles
house info
school loan info
life ins/car ins/homeowners ins/extra ins
kids school report cards, test results
ipass transponder info

And I'm working on a list of everyone we need to notify if we move:

serial numbers on all equipment along with a cd with pictures of all our stuff for insurance incase anything would ever get broken.

Once you know where you are moving:
Map of the area
list of phone numbers you will need upon arrival (utilities, land lord, school etc)
address of the school you are moving to
local library, YMCA, park district etc.

There are no account #'s anywhere and originals are still safely locked in a fireproof box.
I know this list will change with each move, but I find that doing little things like this helps me feel prepared for the unknown. 

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