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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bzz Report: Kroger Simple Truth

Oh man, was I THRILLED to try out this new line of products from Kroger!  As a Bzz agent I received an offer to help taste test and jumped at it!

I received a box of the mixed berry granola, tropical mango electrolyte water and bagged popcorn.

We tried the popcorn first.  I was really surprised!  This tasted just like it had come from my air popper. Lightly salted this was a wonderful snack for the whole family.  The bag was very large and we had plenty for the next few days. The next day there was certainly less of a fresh taste, but not near what it would have been with popcorn popped by me.  I think this would be a wonderful option for a road trip!

The electrolyte water was flavored nicely, certainly satisfied the thirst and with no sugar is a great replacement for juice for my kids.

Finally the granola.  I think this will be the hardest to eat before it goes stale, I expect it would be best to transfer it to a tupperware.  The box holds a normal amount of cereal, but with less preservatives and such a hearty texture this will stretch far.

With over 100 new products to try this line is sure to help those looking to make healthier choices at reasonable prices.  Check out this link for more coupons including those for meat!!

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