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Thursday, December 5, 2013

CWW: Book Review The Daniel Plan

Well, it's been one of those weeks!  We are transitioning in new staff and my dear coach is on the road basically the next 3 weeks.  Our boys are handling things well, but with a million places to be "for the holidays" and no one to tag team with, I have found myself stress eating!  Let's be honest folks, when you are a coach's wife stress eating, cleaning, crying, laughing or whatever your tick is comes along with the territory.  I've been working my way from being a stress eater to a stress cleaner, and some days are easier then others.  That's why when I was given the chance to read The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren I jumped right on it!

So, what I LOVED about this book was actually everything.  If you are looking to be healthier (regardless of weight loss goals) this is the book for you.  For a bit more info on the book check out this link to yesterday's CBS This Morning interview.

Here is what I loved:

-This plan addresses the person as a whole.  This is not a quick fix solution to being healthy, this book is about adopting a lifestyle centering on the fact that our bodies were created by God in part as a temple of worship to Him.  

-Every thing is plant based, and there are no limits.  The saying surrounding food is a great one:  "If it was grown on a plant, eat it.  If it was made in a plant, leave it on the shelf!"  How simple of a philosophy is that!

-The recipes in the back are well balances, filling and have ingredients that are easy to find.  

-This plan incorporates at 10 day goal, 40 day goal, and life goal which meets you where you currently are at, and brings you to a level of health you can maintain your whole life!

-This plan offers the individual well rounded support and encouragement in the form of an online community, phone app and book.  It's well thought out and physician supported.  

Here is what I didn't love:

-although this book does a great job of giving ideas on how to grocery shop with this plan inexpensively, depending on where you live it will be a bit costly to find all the ingredients

my suggestion would be to purchase some groceries ahead of time in preparation for the initial 10 day plan.

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