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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CWW: Recruting

Those of you who assume that since the football season is over coaches are just hanging around watching NFL are sadly wrong.  Recruiting is actually one of the more intense items a coach has to work with.  It may be the holidays coming up, but scholarship signing date is just around the corner and there are thousands of football players out there looking to find the best match in schools for them.

If you are a parent wondering how to get your son connected with the right team I would talk to a guidance counselor at school, perhaps your high school coach, have them take the ACT/SAT their JUNIOR year and most importantly, get on the internet.

Google different majors your son might be interested in, check out coach's profiles and if you can find video on You Tube watch it.  There are a lot of great recruiters out there who are actually pretty awful coaches! :)  Go on college visits and most importantly, keep your ego out of the process.  The number of students who get full ride scholarships for athletics is almost zero, find a fit and consider college a financial investment, remember, they aren't going to college to play football, they are going to receive an education.  The BONUS is playing a game they love for a coach that will invest in them.

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