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Friday, November 15, 2013

Bzz Report: Kroger Meals

Yesterday was a GREAT food day!  As a Bzz Agent I was given coupons to try a whole meal from Kroger's line of Skillet Meals, salad in a bag and garlic bread.

I was really impressed with these products!  First, here is a picture of the bag of penne pasta with chicken and asparagus.  This is supposed to serve 2 people dinner.  We actually had leftovers from my husband and I eating this.  The flavor was wonderful, the sauce was just thick enough and the pasta was still firm to the bite, not mushy.  I was very surprised by the variety of these meals and for about $6 a bag, this is a great quick meal, much cheaper then eating out!
The bag of salad I chose was the caesar (to go with the pasta).  There were several bags reduced down to 99 cents and if eaten that day would have been great.  This salad was exactly comparable to our favorite name brand caesar salad in a bag.  

The garlic bread was HUGE!  For $1.69 you get a ton of yummy garlic bread here.  All 4 of us were very satisfied off of one half.

Kroger has created a product that equals name brand quality and taste for less money.  I will absolutely buy these items again!

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