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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bzz Report: Kroger Cleaning Products

I was so excited about the latest Bzz Report!  Now that we live near Kroger I was given the opportunity to try out many of the cleaning products from the Home Sense Line.

I was very excited to be able to use this liquid laundry detergent from Kroger as it promised to be comparable with Gain.  Gain scents are my favorite, so I was pretty disappointed with the scent of this brand from Kroger.  Not only is the original scent not like anything I had smelled from gain, it does not scent the clothing like I'm used to.  It did a great job cleaning everything, but I wouldn't say it's like gain.

I chose to try the clean linen scented dryer sheets.  I thought the scent was great!  These sheets worked just as well as the bounce sheets I've been using.  My clothes came out static free, soft and with a light scent.  I would buy these again.

The clean linen scented wipes were a good value for the amount purchased, but I found the wipes to be less sturdy then other name brands I have used.  It took a good amount of elbow grease to get my kitchen counters shiny.  I think these would be great in the car to help wipe hands and faces during road trips.

On to the paper towels.  Of the whole group of products this was my favorite.  These towels were well priced, thick, very absorbent and sturdy.  This may become a staple in our house!

Finally, the deodorizing spray.  Again, I chose the clean linen scent.  I think this is a good product.  It had a fresh scent, lasted for a long time, and didn't just combine with the smell of the room.  Compared to name brand products I think it worked just as well.

Disclaimer: in exchange for free product I was asked to give an honest review.  The opinions here are my own.  To become a Bzz Agent click HERE!

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