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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Homemade Bagels

Since moving east we have been missing our favorite bagels.  I found this recipe on pinterest and shockingly followed it exactly!

Above are plain bagels.  

I added white chocolate chips to 2 of them just to see.  I was please do see them handle the boiling process really well, even staying in place.  I think next time I would add them BEFORE the rising just to secure them better.

They baked up great, but lost a bit of the chip shape.  The last ones I did were a combo of cinnamon and brown sugar in a bit of melted butter.  I topped the bagels immediately after they came out of the over.  They look lightly topped, but the flavor was perfect.

These bagels were a bit of work, I think the fact that you can split it into 2 days helps, starting the afternoon before them baking off the next day whenever works for you is great.  The recipe makes a good amount of bagels and they freeze really well.  A friend came through from our former town and she said they taste just like the ones we are used to.  

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