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Friday, September 20, 2013

Book Review: God of the Underdogs

This is the first book I have ready by Matt Keller.  I can not say enough good things about this book!  Matt Keller does an amazing job of bringing the reader through each doubt surrounding courageously serving God.  Keller takes the reader through personal life experience and models what he teachers in that he presents how God used every road block along the road of obedience to teach Keller and his wife how present He always is. 

In addition to Keller using life experience he presents each chapter with a person in the Bible being the main focus.  The reader learns of David, Gideon, Esther and many more.  Each person was uniquely used by God in a different way but all for the same reason.  

In addition to the resource of this book Keller provides extra content and learning resources on his website.  I think that whether you are a new believer, someone who has been in full time ministry for years or really seeking to discover your ministry path I believe you will find encouragement, courage and conviction after reading this book.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  

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