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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obedience to God's timing

I guess the place to begin is at the beginning.  Generally football coaches transition from schools Nov-March.  Really, March for a head coach is considered pretty late.  All that being said, June is almost unheard of, and to many seems pretty insane.  When the interview process began my husband wisely decided to keep me out of the process until necessary.  By the time I found out he had applied he was on to his second of 3 interviews and fairly engaged in the process.

I can't say that going along with this process was an easy one.  First, I had engaged in the recruiting/spring ball season pretty well and could not fight the guilt of leaving the amazing group of players we had coming in.  Second, I knew on paper, this timing was going to make for a VERY large challenge for my husband.  Selfishly, I didn't want to sacrifice our summer.  Out of fear, I didn't want to give up a "sure thing" in potential for a great season for a TOUGH season.  Thirdly, I needed to hear from my husband things were going to occur for the right reasons, not emotional reasons.

How do you figure out these things?  For us it boiled down to one simple prayer.  God, we want to be obedient, so if this is the path you have for us make it clear, and give us peace.

So, what does obedience look like today?  Well, we are living in an awesome town very far from family.  We are working hard to establish new community.  We are living in an awesome rental home while we (impatiently on my part) wait and pray for the home we left to sell.  We are watching our children maneuver through a new life that we have thrust upon them and for the most part do it well.  We are nervously anticipating the arrival of our new team, a team we have hardly met, that really doesn't know us, or what to expect.  We are working partly with a new staff and all along the way we are clinging to the reminder that God has BLESSED us with this opportunity to be obedient and we are thankful for it.

Entering into a season knowing you will lose a majority of your games, and it will be ok is an new feeling.  It's a feeling we will not get used to, but we will embrace for the now and move forward.

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