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Saturday, July 6, 2013

CWW: (on Saturday) Settling in and reflecting

I'm back!  It's been about a month since my last post, and even longer since our transition began.  We have moved from a D3 school in the Midwest onto a new adventure of living in the Appalachian mountains at serving at an NAIA school.  I can hardly begin to list the contrasts in these two lives before my head begins to swim, so instead, I thought I would begin this new series on moving by giving you a look into the coaching world of moving.

Back in May, within I believe a 2 week period my husband sent his resume, interviewed 3 times and was offered his new position.  We had 24 hours to make a decision as to whether to move on from our school of 10 1/2 years or stay.  This decision was made sight unseen for me, and with about 48 hours of sight for coach.  For some this might seem crazy, but the truth is, this is how coaching works.

Here is the craziest part, the offer was accepted and in less then a week coach had packed up all that would fit in his car and was on his way to his press conference.  Meanwhile, I was left to wrap up 10 years of life for all 4 of us, find movers, pack a house and wrap up my own job.  Oh yeah, and get our house ready to sell.

Having lived in our home for 10 years and not knowing what we would be moving into presented a bit of a challenge.  What do you purge, what do you keep, what will you need that you don't have currently...all questions ignored and just began packing.

On the moving side, there is a company that is one of the sponsors for the AFCWA called Family Relocation.  The owner of the company I had met in January, and figured having met him and receiving personal recommendations from other coaches wives was enough to get a quote, and wow, was I thankful for the discount offered AFCWA members when I started checking around.  Now that movers were lined up, we had a moving date and chaos began.

Wrap up a job, track down medical records, school records, and say goodbye.  I think the goal of any coaching family is to leave well.  That may sound easy, but the reality is, the only way to leave well is likely to do so quickly.  Not everyone will agree with your decision to leave and the longer you are around those people that harder it is to not defend.  Thankfully, I was pretty busy with saying goodbyes and packing, so I didn't have much time to think about anything else.  The other thing with leaving quickly is that news trickles out in waves.  First, players will buzz about it on facebook as (hopefully) they are the first to know, then players parents, then the college community/employers.  The trick here is, there were plenty of people who we wanted to talk to in person, but we needed to balance that with the college's request to make announcements in their own timing.

Out in our new area coach was setting up our new lives as best he could, and God was gracious enough to drop an AMAZING home in his lap which included my entire wish list and then some.  With an address secured purging became a bit easier and although we were packing until the very last hour in our former house we left with everything we needed (although I STILL cannot find my coffee pot!)

Our new college was gracious enough to provide us with furnished housing until we could get settled into our house, so although we have been living in suit cases for 4 weeks, 1 of those weeks was a family vacation and the last week was without being surrounded by boxes.

**Just to make sure you are catching this all, I packed up our kiddos and moved sight unseen to a new town, and with only a few videos of our new house.  Some of you think I'm crazy right now, and some of you are saying "yep, we do that every 3 years or so".

We arrived in our new town on Friday, met the President's family Sunday and headed out for a week of vacation Monday.  Arriving back into town on Friday evening, we met the movers Sunday morning and by late that afternoon had our furniture set up, bedding on beds and early Monday morning the unpacking began.  Each morning we would wake up on campus, pack lunches and while coach was at work we would head to the house and unpack.  The boys took great pride in putting clothes away in their new room, picking out curtains and a special new night light and setting up their toys and craft area.  Thankfully Walmart and Lowes are only a few minutes away as every day I would make a list of things we needed and head over to grab them.

A week later, we are settling into our new home, internet was installed today, TV comes Monday and the last pieces of furniture arrive Sunday (more on that in another post).

The boys are very excited to sleep in their beds again, and I'm excited to settle in, learn all the new noises of our home and cook a full meal.  It's been quite a month, I've hardly scratched the surface, but here are a few upcoming posts:
-tips for moving with kids
-the first week
-choosing a church
-midwest vs. eastern mountain living
-wrapping up and moving forward
-obedience to God's timing

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  1. Beth, I have take a break from all things social media since last November. I'm on vacation, though, so I'm treating myself to catching up on what used to be my morning regulars. :) CONGRATS on your new adventure. This is so exciting. I know God will use you and your family in your new community.