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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CWW: Post Graduate Play

Here at the D3 level there aren't many athletes who graduate and enter the NFL draft ;)  BUT we do have plenty of players who would love to see their football careers go on.

There are a few options I have encouraged players to consider and thought I would link them up here:

A11FL  This is a league built by avid football fans who also happen to be successful business leaders and sports executives. We know there are fans just like us who would watch professional football all year long if they had the opportunity. 

Indoor Football League  See IFL 101 HERE

Head to Europe!!  This has also been an avenue several friends in the coaching world have pursued

Head to Canada!

As you can gather, there are many outlets to continue a football career, just not all in the USA.

One thing I know about football, it is until any other sport in that once you are done, you are done.  There are not many pick up tackle football games out there! ;)

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