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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CWW: Future Coaches

Last week we had the privilege of sitting down with a future coach and his future bride.  This couple has a genuine love for athletics and yet, they are cautiously entering into unknown territory with the transition from player to coach.

These opportunities come around a few times a year, and it is always our goal to be as open as possible, encouraging, and honest.  I loved some of the questions asked, such as what does a typical week look like?  How do you manage coaching, being a husband and dad?  It gets easier as the years go by right? :) and the best one for the do we prepare our families for our choice?

This generation of students has lived their whole lives being controlled "encouraged" by loving parents.  They have tried their hardest to please everyone and now, to say, well, I'm pursing a profession where nothing is guaranteed, the pay is mostly terrible and I'll likely not only live far away, but miss a few holidays with you is hard.

I'm not sure we did this question justice, but here was our answer...begin educating them now on the expectations of a coach, and remind your parents they have always taught you to be obedient.  Coaching is a life call, and to be disobedient is not an option.

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