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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review: Is College Worth It?

Working in Higher Education, I was very interested to read this book.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the well thought out logical discussion this book presented.  There are 12 scenarios to consider in the back as to whether college is right for you or not, and each chapter is full of research about colleges of all sizes and costs.

Over all, the argument that college isn't worth is for everyone is a solid one.  There were several points I really disagreed with the author on such as the over spending of schools (this certainly does not apply to small private institutions!) and there were a few sections I wish were emphasized more, such as the life lessons that are learned from being on a college campus.

I also felt that although it is important to open the readers eyes to the systemic issues of college that begin with K-12 schooling, there really isn't anything the reader can do to change that issue, and so I felt that to much time and emphasis was placed on it. 

Over all, I found this book to be well thought out and an interesting spring board for discussion.  One large question I wish had been answered more thoroughly is whether the cost of college is worth the social benefits of being at an institution.   If employers are most concerned with how a person conducts himself and how must they are able learn on the job, then the argument must be made that for many, college helps to develop these life skills.

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