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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CWW: Spring Ball Duties

Depending on the level of football and conference rules regarding spring ball practices, some families may not even attend a practice.  Here in the Midwest we have found that attending practice is almost a weekly necessity in order for the kiddos to see coach when the sun is up.

Our practices are fairly intense and this has allowed for some different opportunities.  Our boys like to join in on cheering for team mates who are competing against each other.  They also continue to be in charge of helping to make sure water bottles are full and evenly distributed.

My role is to take as many pictures as possible, and to try to not make them all look the same.  You might think this to be an easy task, but frankly a lot of drills look alike.  Why so many pictures you ask?    Well, I'll save that for another post.

I enjoy taking pictures at practices, it makes the time go by quickly.  I do not enjoy the challenge of keeping my kiddos out of harms way, myself out of harms way AND taking pictures. :)  Thankfully we have awesome student trainers who don't mind helping.

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