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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Ball

This has become an annual post and each year I enter into the spring insanity with very mixed feelings about spring practices.

Each conference determines the rules around what will be allowed as equipment in spring ball (within the boundaries pre-established by NCAA)  Our conference doesn't allow a lot of things, so coaches get creative on what practice looks like.

Pro's on practices:
1) Gets the team together
2) LOTS of conditioning
3) work out play book changes
4) allows for accountability in team lifting
5) allows for team to leave school for the summer with football fresh in their minds
6) allows coaches to get the beginnings of a depth chart for August
7) allows for more opportunity to see who has developed into leadership now that there is a new group of "seniors"

Con's on practices:
1) you don't get to actually practice a lot of techniques due to equipment limitation
2) players who are in different sports aren't there, so the whole team can seem divided
3) this is all done on top of ongoing recruiting

If you are a coach's wife entering into a college spring ball season, the higher the level the more intense this time will be.  May colleges end this time with an inter-squad scrimmage.  It is likely this time will be similar to the actually fall season several days a week.  Hang in there, when it's's summer!

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