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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CWW: Commitment Ceremony

This last week we added a new event to the recruiting season.  We took time to invite all our deposited athletes for the upcoming 2013 season to come with their families to our school.  We had a time of presenting each incoming athlete independently.  The coaches talked about what has already impressed them about the student, and how they see them fitting into our team.  We had videos and current players talk about what to expect in August, how to prepare for August, and I spoke.  I was kind of in the middle and really, I think the female voice broke up the monotony well. ;)

I looked those parents in the eye and let them know that as they were preparing to send their sons to us, I understood the building anxiety.  I understood the changes that were about to care, and for my part, the wives part really, we would try to make that transition a bit easier.

There were tears, hugs, and sweet notes sent afterward, so I guess it went well.  We've already moved forward with these players, and it makes me excited for all the 2013 season holds!

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