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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cooking ahead break down

Here's the break down of how I prepared for this week:

Monday: Pizza from Papa Murphy's, salad, fruit

Tuesday: McTeacher Night-McDonalds

Wednesday: Chicken Lo-Mein, Egg Rolls, salad

Thursday: Baked Chimichangas, spanish rice, salad

Friday: Pork Burgers, Baked Potatoes in the crock pot, green beans

Saturday: Homemade Pizza, fruit

Sunday: leftovers

Sunday 3/3/13 I thawed and browned up 1 lb of chicken chunks
Monday 3/4/13 picked up Papa Murphy's
Tuesday 3/5/13 drove through McD's (I know, at this point you are all incredibly impressed with me)
Wednesday 3/6/13 Pulled out chicken to thaw for Chimichangas, made lo-mein and baked off egg rolls, made salad, made meat for Chimichangas
Thursday 3/7/13 made rice, chimichangas
Friday 3/8/13 will throw baked potatoes in crock pot in morning (enough for Sunday as well), broil up burgers
Saturday 3/9/13 made casserole
Sunday leftovers

Since I really didn't have to cook until the end of the week I opted just to keep things simple and not cook ahead.  Also, Co-Op pick up was Tuesday evening and all the recipes Wed and on needed ingredients from the basket.  Saturdays' dinner was for a very special alum, so I didn't want to be reheating... ;)

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