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Monday, February 4, 2013

What's on the Menu: No Spend February

I'm back from a weekend away "just the girls" and coming off a Super Bowl party, so I'm thinking this menu isn't going to be all that thrilling.  Here's my February plan though, I'm using only what we have in the house and receive from the Produce Co-Op for free.  No extras to be purchased except Lactaid for the boys and yogurt for the family.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and All!  I'm leaving $50 in reserve for "emergency" purchases.

Waffles, bacon, sausage patties, bagels, cereal, fruit and yogurt, pancakes

Salads, soup (already in the freezer), baked potatoes (thank you Co-Op!), sandwiches


Monday: pasta w/pesto sauce, salad, breadsticks

Tuesday: chicken and mushrooms, rice and noodles, broccoli

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: tacos, chips guacamole, fruit

Friday: homemade pizza, fruit and veggies

Saturday: family dinner out

Sunday: soup and sandwiches

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