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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CWW: The Off Season

This time of year I tend to have very limited contact with our team. I see them in the weight room if I'm working out, in the dining commons if we are eating lunch there, if they come for a meal, and that's really about it.

I've found that this time can be the time when more rule breaking or lack of homework occurs for our guys and that means more time spent for our coaching staff dealing with the above mentioned issues.

Last year I began making a point to do 3 things 1) find times to get the guys to our house...super bowl party for example 2) speaking to them in the dining commons or weight room and asking how classes are going 3) asking about their girl friends, and getting to know the girl friends.

This hasn't “fixed” much, but I had a few players tell me this August the only reason they passed their spring classes was because they knew they were going to see me at lunch and dreaded my hearing they were skipping classes.
There is power in the female presence, I'm going to use it!!

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