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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Managing a menu

I have to admit, between working part time, trying to volunteer in the kiddos classrooms and football meals often become an after thought.

I have created a few "pockets of time" in my weekly schedule directly devoted to keeping up with meals for our family.  Here's what's been working best for us:

1) Over the weekend I spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the sales ads that start Monday and seeing what is in the pantry and freezer.

2) I then make a menu (which posts here on Monday mornings)

3) I pull out any meat that will need to thaw for meals to be made that week.

4) I look ahead and try to find an additional meal to add to the freezer, double, or a breakfast item to make and freeze.

5) Monday I head to the grocery store if needed, then head home and begin cooking.  I have 2 crock pots and there have been times when I've use both crock pots, the stove and the oven all at the same time.

6) I cook meals and place them in the fridge for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Any extra meals cooked are placed in the freezer.

7) on the night a meal is to be served I may need to still make a side dish or warm through something, but I've managed to make meal prep less then 20 minutes every night, we almost always have a night with leftovers and rarely do we need to eat out because there is "nothing in the house" to cook.

8) our meals have become more balanced, variety filled and healthy since beginning this process.

My Monday morning cooking from prep to clean up takes less then 2 hours.

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