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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coach's World Wed: recruiting the parents

One thing I have discovered about this generation of helicopter parents is that they like to be “in the know”. I wrestle a lot with this, being a parent myself I fully understand the need to know what is going on in your child's life. I also understand the desire to not let them learn something the hard way. On the college end, I understand that by the time your child is 18, if they are still keeping you in the know about everything AND haven't learned a hard lesson college is going to be A LOT harder for them.

Because I understand how hard it is to leave your child I do often try to begin the process of setting parents minds at ease even in the recruiting process. Every parent in promised a few things:

  1. Their son will be invited for home cooked meals in a coach's home throughout their time at our school
  2. They will never attend a dr. appt alone
  3. they will be acknowledged on their birthday, and I'm even willing to go the extra mile to make it special if the parents pay for a cake, I will pick it up and deliver it
  4. their son will be prayed for specifically by name by our staff