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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coach's World Wed: convention wisdom

Well, we are off of Christmas break and just wrapped up 4 days at convention last week. We had a great time down in Nashville, me and the coaches. While they sit through lecture after lecture on different football techniques, meet with coaches from other staffs to discuss strategy and encourage each other...the wives get pampered.

This year I attended a luncheon, painting class, seminars, a fashion show, did a little shopping and spent some time really trying to learned from some more "seasoned wives" (a title they have given themselves)

If you have the chance to ever attend a conference where everyone in the room knows how hard you work without having to say it...DO IT!  

I learned a lot about things we are doing right, and things we need to do a little differently, and I'm incredibly thankful to have learned these things in a safe and loving environment.

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