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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CWW: Recruiting

Recruiting season is upon us, this means days of travel, lots of late night phone calls and weekends filled with new faces.  I feel like this time of year effects us less as a family then the season, and yet I think for our staff it weighs heavy on them.  Will they bring in enough players?  Will they be a good fit?  Will all their late nights produce results?

Particularly for Division 3 the added challenge is that there are no scholarships offered.  So, you are much more dependent on what the student (or student's parents) can afford or are willing to pay.  This generation of students is very consumer oriented and seems to feel that because they are paying to attend college things should go a certain way.  It's a fine balance between "selling" the school (presenting an honest and accurate picture of college/football life) and reminding the student it's a privilege to be able to attend college, and an even bigger one to participate in athletics.

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