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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CWW: babies

This guy turns 6 today!

I remember his birthday like it was yesterday, really the adventure started a good week before he was born, I was 33 and 6 days pregnant and having contractions and liver failure.  (Ahh such fun memories)

The reality of having a baby as a football family is that it's kind of a gamble as to whether dad will be at the birth.  Now, don't get me wrong there are some "safe" months, like July, but over all, the higher the level, the less help dad can offer.  I don't write that to say they don't want to offer, it's simply that they can't.  Job requirements (especially Aug-Nov) make it impossible to take time off long term.  

Both our surprises were born in relatively low key times, recruiting visits were re-scheduled for this guy, a few spring ball practices missed for the other one.  

Here's a fun memory.  Our son was less then 12 hours old and since the team banquet had been the night before the whole staff and team knew I was in labor.  The head coach called to hear how things were going and when my husband said all was well, before asking the NAME of our new bundle of joy our HC asked..."so does this mean you can come to convention now?"  Convention is in January, and it landed on our child's due date, so we had considered it out of the question.  BUT, with a preemie coming at 35 and 6 days and a 20 month old at home, our HC got to bring my husband to convention.  I know this sounds awful, but the guy is a great guy, and I took no offense, I just think it's funny.

My advice to moms trying to get pregnant is either don't stress about the month and just be understanding that you may have to have an alternative birth coach, or be VERY cautious certain months of the year :).

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