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Friday, December 7, 2012

Bzz Report: Afrin Nose Spray

As a Bzz agent I got the chance to try Afrin nose spray this month.  We are a Nasonex family and I have to admit, there are days when allergies flair up we couldn't function without it.

Well, Nasonex has 2 issues 1) It needs a prescription and 2) it's REALLY expensive.  So, I was excited to try and alternative.

I waited until the sniffles hit and away we went.  I'm lucky that my kiddos are used to stuff being sprayed up their nose, but I have to say, it's a pretty strong stream, so it can be a bit startling.  

So here's the bummer.  Although this product worked for one of my kiddos, it didn't work on the other.  
I do think I will continue to keep this around as an emergency option, as it did work short term, but if you have allergies you might find that you need something stronger then over the counter, but then again, you might find that this is a great alternative.

I would suggest that you also try Afrin out if you have a cold.  Sniffles unrelated to allergies are easily avoided by this nose spray, and it's always great to get the chance to sleep uninterrupted!

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