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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Senior Send Off

This year I participate in the senior send off.  Last year I was a work for the early am practice, and previous years I've had kiddos underfoot.  I was incredibly blessed to be able to look each of our seniors in the eye, give them a huge hug and say "I am SO proud of you".

Tradition here is that at the end of the last practice the team lines the field silently.  Then the seniors walk one at a time and talk to each team mate and coach.  Each guy has a chance to "make peace with the field" and then as they make their way to the coaches they are prayed over.

The team then stands silently until the seniors are ready to walk off.  They enter the locker room for the last time (from a practice) and coach reminds the remaining team that tomorrow they play with that group for the last time.

Closure is an incredibly important thing.  I love that my husband has created a time for our seniors to gain that.

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