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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CWW: Post Season Play

Well, we did it again!  Our team has made it to post season play and this year we will HOST the Victory Bowl!

I've certainly learned my lesson with the kiddos, and here are a few tips for prepping the kids for the end of the season:

1) BE VAGUE!  We will be done with football in November.  Not a date, not a "last practice is today" comment

2) Plan a "stay-cation"  We don't travel at Thanksgiving  We could, but we don't.  Instead we invite family to come to us, or we spend the time alone exploring the town.  A lot changes from August to November!  Doing this allows for our kids to know they will have some special time with Daddy coming up when they get a break from school.

3) Go on a date!  After the kiddos have had some quality time with Daddy it's your turn!  Plan a long dinner, or even a night away.  Regardless, enjoy the date that doesn't end with watching film ;)

4) Have the kiddos be a part of the senior banquet.  I have found that our boys watching our seniors say their good byes has been incredibly helpful.  It seems to bring a lot of closure, even if they don't fully understand what is going on.

5) Try really hard to enjoy the fact that your husband is home at a different time. YES this screws up the post school rhythm.  YES this may feel like space is being invaded a bit and YES it can feel like you are being coached or micromanaged at times, but have no fear...recruiting season is right around the corner!!!

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