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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CWW: Mid season check up

Well, we are about half way through the season (actually if you count pre-season camp we are nearing the end).  Usually at this point in the season my house is a wreck, coach and I are exhausted and short tempered feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day for all that needs to be done.

Not this year!  I've been reflecting on why and I have a few guesses.

1) Coach and I spent the whole summer in a small group focused on marriage.  If you didn't read my post HERE on For Women Only and For Men Only I would again encourage you to read these books!

 2) The kids are both in school all day.  This is the first year for this and I have been SHOCKED by how much time this creates.  Even with adding facilitating an additional Bible Study and committing to working one afternoon a week in the schools AND co-leading a produce co-op for our town, Coach and I have seen each other way more this season then probably ever before.  Our home has become a quiet get away to focus on work in the afternoons instead of a place of chaos.  Lunch dates have become possible.  Who KNEW!  Coach's wives of young kids, I write this not to brag, but to offer you hope!  Those Fridays of home games have become (in part) a chance to reconnect before the craziness of the weekend.  (Remember, I work outside the house 14 hours plus a week still!)

3) The kids are getting older.  Even though a part of me mourns the baby snuggles and adorable sayings of babies, the independence my boys are now showing and the ability to HELP with housework has been HUGE to keeping the sanity around here!

4) I finally found a cooking plan that works for our family!  Having the stress of meal planning down to  something manageable has been SUCH a weight off my shoulders!  We are eating healthier, with more variety and way less stress for me!  (Want to know more about this?  Check back next Thursday! :))

So, again, coaching families with young kids at home, coaching families treading water this year, I offer this post not as bragging, but as hope.  Not all seasons will be hard.  Not all seasons will be ones where you feel disconnected.  Hang in there!  Remember why we do this!

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