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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's homecoming weekend here!  We have several traditions that will go on, I'll list the tradition and then my role.

1) Parade in town- smile and wave from the side, take pictures as the team passes

2) JV vs. Alum game-take pictures on the sidelines of the game.

3) Mother's Brunch-host, provide food for  (this one might need some explaining.  A few coaches ago the head coach started inviting dads to join their sons for pre-game breakfast. One thing that didn't get noticed was while a whole bunch of dads were having a fun morning, a whole bunch of moms were feeling left out.  SO, we started a brunch at the same time.  It's always a fun morning

4) Game-cheer and otherwise keep my mouth shut :/, keep facebook updated with score.

5) Post game-listen to the crowds, smile, try to help coach remember names...

I'm guessing most coach's wives don't participate this much in homecoming, and I'm guessing many others do WAY more.  My philosophy is simple, if I'm able and it helps my husband and the team, why not.

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