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Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Review: She's Got Issues

I was thrilled for the opportunity to review a new author.  She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice is a book and DVD study that every woman should consider.

This book covers a WIDE range of topics that most seem to come up in women's lives.  Control, Insecurity, Comparison, Worry, Common Sense, and Anger.  If you haven't seen a word here to sticks out to you, then I would suggest reading this book for future reference, because one will come up sooner or later!

What I loved about this book was that each subject section held several opportunities for self reflection. From a T/F survey, to a list of questions to journal about at the end of the chapters, each chapter should be read slowly, and intentionally.

For an added opportunity to learn more about these areas of your life and how they effect your interactions with others and with God you can also view the 6 week DVD study.  Each study has a 20 minute talk from Nicole setting up the subject area to be discussed.  There is a set of questions to journal on and to go deeper with, and then if done in a small group, there would be a time to talk about what you have learned.

Whether you decide to read the book independently or with the DVD's, I would suggest reading this book!

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