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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Loaded Roasted Potatoes

Last week I stumbled upon this recipe for Three Cheese Grilled Potatoes.  Our Co-Op had gotten red potatoes so I knew people would be hunting for recipes.  I posted it and then asked for reviews.  Everyone had tweeked it a bit, so I decided to do so as well!

I took:

6 medium sized red potatoes
1-2 T margarine
grill seasoning
1 T chives
5 slices cooked turkey bacon cut up
1 C Colby and Monterrey jack cheese shredded

I diced the potatoes and seasoned them with grill seasoning.  Then I roasted them alongside the main dish.  I took the rest of the ingredients and combined it.  Once the potatoes were done I topped them with the mixture I had made and tented it with foil.  The cheese melted creating a perfect side dish!

The grill seasoning I used was the same one we use on chicken.

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