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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CWW: Traveling!

This past weekend I joined the team for the away game to Duluth.  I have to say, now that the kiddos are a bit older, this is a new freedom we are experiencing.  Thanks to amazing babysitters I was able to hop the bus and have a good 2 days with our team and most importantly, my husband!

So, for those of you reading who may have get to join your guy some day, here are a few tips!

1) Pack entertainment!  I bring a kindle, a craft, magazines, and charger for the phone!

2) bring snacks and a water bottle!  Remember, you are on the bus, so no late night runs to grab a snack, and also remember so sip sparingly so you don't have to be the reason the bus stops! :)

3) Bring tyelnol or advil PM.  No so much for the hotel, but for the bus ride home after the game.  I learned this trick on our trip last year where we slept on the bus on the way up and the way back, the way up was MUCH longer.

4) take this time to get to know the guys.  Although I spend most of the bus ride reading, I wander back to the middle or back of the bus to chat about classes, girls, and the upcoming game.  Also, after dinner, wander through the tables, the guys will appreciate the chats, I promise!

5) take plenty of pictures.  Coaches rarely think to get candid pictures of the team on the bus, and those sleeping pictures will be great for senior slide shows later!

6) Enjoy the solitude times.  Yes, you want to spend time with your husband, but while he's at this meeting, take a bath, relax, appreciate the quiet!

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