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Monday, September 24, 2012

Bzz Report: Glade Expressions Collection

I was very excited to participate in the Glade Expressions Collection campaign as a BZZAGENT.  I tried the Cotton and Italian Mandarin and Pineapple and Mangostein.  I really enjoyed the Italian Cotton scent.  It is light, and subtle, giving a fresh scent.  I lean more towards these scents.  I found the Pineapple scent to be fruity, and it was a nice smell, but not one I would probably get again, just because of my preferences.

I like the spray bottle, it is easy to use, and it blends in nicely so it can be left out for easy grabbing.  One person commented to me that it seemed silly that the refill is so large, meaning it wasn't really saving any landfills.  I suppose this is valid, but really, what aerosol spray does.

I tried the Oil Diffuser in the Lavender and Juniper Berry.  I really liked this scent, and it is easy to set up.  I have one disappointment.  I really liked the brown wooden holder, but in order to get that holder you have to get the Pineapple scent.  I would like to see the holders with different options.

I liked the Lavender scent, it was relaxing, and not over powering.

Right now at Target you can get Glade Expressions starter and a free refill, allowing for 60 days of scent for about $6.

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