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Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Review: You're Stronger Then You Think

I was given a special offer from Les and Leslie Parrot which included the opportunity to read Les' newest book and also participate in the premarital counseling training.  My husband and I will be watching the online classes together, and I will review that when we are through, but for now, I'll review the newest book by Les Parrot You're Stronger Then You Think

Over all, I really appreciated the straight forward discussion this book presents along with the practical application.  The book is broken into 3 subjects and each area is independently interesting and also the 3 areas are intertwined creating a very thought provoking and introspective exercise.  I was also able to take the online quiz from this book which allows the reader to learn about their independent and small group personality.  I was shocked at how accurate the descriptions were, and also grateful at how the description put me into words.

I would suggest this book as a great small group or independent study book, I do think it would work better with the workbook exercises.

Be aware, after reading this book some work will need to be done, so walk in eyes open with a desire to grow!

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