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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CWW:Pre-Season Camp in review

This pre-season camp was fairly interesting compared to the last few years.  First, it was 10 days longer then previous camps.  Second, we had several athletes get pretty major injuries right away, and then it's been smooth sailing.  Third, the 100 plus degree weather we've been dealing with in the Midwest ALL summer...broke, 2 days into camp, and it's been BEAUTIFUL!

As I looked around the house yesterday morning I realized a few things about pre-season.

1) The yard goes VERY quickly!  I spent 90 minutes cutting giant weeds, pruning dead bushes, planting a few mums, and then paid the boys to pick up sticks at 10 cents a piece $6 later I told them they had done a good job and to stop.

2) Light bulbs seems to go out all at once!  I've changed 8 light bulbs today!

3) Something always breaks.  This time it was the toilet flusher.  I am actually pretty proud to say I went to the store, picked one out and replaced it BY MY SELF!

4) Learning a new craft makes the time go quickly.  A few friends and I took knitting classes this month.  It was fun, and I have home work, so I'm busy :)

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