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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coach's World Wednesday

Players report today!  I'll write on that next week, this week I am talking about the challenge of partially single parenting.  I have several friends who are single parents and they are some of the strongest women I know.  I am so grateful for a husband who is present as much as he can be, and who is willing to be interrupted to kiss and boo boo or give a hug to a little boy just missing his Daddy.

Regardless of that, this time of year is always a bit challenging.  Beginning today, as much coach would like to be around, he can't.  He can't go to school registration, the back to school carnival, the first day of kindergarten, or really anything.  Instead we go to him.  We go and hang out at practice, dinner, team meetings, worship times, really anywhere we can.  But, one thing I have discovered is that as the years go on and the boys get older, I really have less chances to go hang out, and instead need to work to get the boys off to a solid start at school.

Dad will be gone most days before they wake up, so getting up and going will be on me.  A few things I'm going to enforce are:
1) Clothes laid out the night before
2) shower or just get dressed
3) breakfast (2nd grader reads Veggie Tale Devo during this time)
4) back packs packed
5) out the door.

This usually happens in about 45 minutes

We've spent a good amount of time talking about school starting this summer, and I've decided to attempt the following plan of action for after school:

1) Boys arrive home 3:15 or so.
2) Snack (while they are eating I will go through back packs and try to ask questions about the day
3) de-compressing time (for one this will be playing Wii for 15 minutes, the other probably watching a show on Netflix)
4) timer will go off signaling the beginning of homework time.  My goal for this is 3:50, but we will have to see how much homework is given every day.
5) While homework is being worked on I will have Kindergarten pack lunch for next day/get bag ready, and will work on dinner.  Once homework is completed, or for a break in between subjects 2nd grader will pack lunch while dinner is being cooked.
6) 4:30: Choice, hang out at home, play outside, head to football practice (my goal is always one practice a week, we usually start strong and by the end we are at 1 practice)
7) head home for dinner, daddy time, and decompressing for bed
8) traditionally we've always done showers in the morning, but if we were at practice we'll do showers, reading and bed time and hope to be in bed by 8:00.

Mondays are different because they go to an after school church club until 4:30.

Over all, the thing I realize is that in order to have number 7 on my list go well, I need to be rigid about 1-6.  I'm hopeful that things will go smoothly, and as we all adjust to mommy being the pulled a few extra directions the boys will fall into a routine of just getting things done.

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