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Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Review: For Women Only/For Men Only

My husband and I participated in a small group this summer where we each read our own book, then after we were finished swapped.  I've personally read both books now, and here are my thoughts bullet pointed:

For Women Only:
-Clearly explained some of my biggest questions
-covered a wide area of subjects, all necessary
-scientifically based, so no opinions :)
-Biblically Based
-yes I learned a lot

For Men Only:
-it was like I was writing to book
-easy for my husband to receive what was written
-has been wonderful now that things are being put into practice

Over our 11 years of marriage I've read A LOT of marriage books.  In fact, each of the 10 chapters has "additional reading suggested" and I had read ALL 10 other books!  I personally feel that this book was  way more enlightening then all those other books (with perhaps exception to Love and Respect which was equal in my eyes).  These books opened a wide range of discussion some of it pleasant, some of it not :). All of it productive.  I would highly suggest these books to any woman and man, married or not.

1 comment:

  1. Curby and I were given these books by one of my close friends (and her husband) when we got engaged and since then, we have recommended them to EVERY man and woman we know - both single, dating, and married - and we have utilized what we have learned from these books constantly. I think we would both say that in terms of the things that were the most helpful in preparation for a successful marriage (and even just understanding friends and coworkers of the opposite sex), this book was #1 or #2. Glad that you enjoyed it and found it as helpful.