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Monday, August 6, 2012

August Menu

Well, this month is the month we eat our dinners with the team.  It's extra great for me this year, because over half the month the boys will be eating lunch at school, so really, I have 2 things to think about.

1) Breakfast
2) packing lunches for me and the kids

Pretty sweet huh?  It's the only trade off for only seeing Daddy at dinner, but it's a short time in perspective.

Breakfasts are going to be pretty simple this month, pretty much fruit, cereal, yogurt and waffles.  One boy like breakfast sausage and one like turkey bacon, so that will be available.

Lunches for the boys will either be hot lunch purchased at school or simple packed lunches of bagels with cream cheese or pb sandwiches, pretzels, fruit or veggie and a treat.

I am going to try to have a new routine after school-bedtime (see Wednesday's post) and the boys will be packing their own lunches.  I figure simple to start is best.

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