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Thursday, July 5, 2012


In our house snacks are a regular thing.  For one, my kiddos are really active and get hungry fairly often.  For another, they seems to help "encourage" kiddos to eat meals they would prefer avoid. :)

I used to go to Sam's Club and get the large boxes of assorted Teddy Grahams, Cheese-It's, mini Oreos, and fruit snacks.  But now that the kiddos are older and can get their own snacks, I've started getting large bags and helping them portion out snacks into bowls.  (It's also cheaper! :))

So, we always have pretzels, cheese crackers, and graham crackers (thank you Aldi) on hand along with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter for dipping :)

I also make sure we have our new favorite granola bars around, and I also work hard to make sure that all our produce is processed.  
If I can have our fruits and veggies cleaned, cut and easy to grab on the go, they will be eaten up happily.

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