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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinterest Salads

I finally found some time to dig the mason jars from my grandmother out of the basement and clean them.  I pined this link a long time ago and have been kind of waiting on comments to see of the produce really lasted as long as suggested.  

Regular size jars:


Here was my plan of action and recipes:

I cleaned and sterilized the jars simply by running them through the dishwasher.  Once I was sure they were completely dry I began.

1) I pulled out all the salad items we use from the fridge and pantry and decided what to use
2) I cut all veggies into bit size pieces and placed them is containers all next to each other.
3)I rinsed the beans
4) I worked with 4 jars at a time filling them as evenly as possible
5) When all was finished I sealed them up and place them in the fridge

Recipe 1:
Garden Salsa
black beans
trader joes' corn salsa
cherry tomatoes
purple and banana peppers
romaine lettuce

Recipe 2:

dried cranberries
romaine lettuce
(I will add honey mustard dressing when I eat the salad)

So here are the questions I'm still answering:
1) Which size jar is right for us?
2) How long does it really last?
3) What needs to be added/omitted?

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