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Monday, July 2, 2012

July Meals

Well, We are getting very close to August, and when August hits we eat in the dining commons for the month!  SOOOO...I've been through the pantry and freezer and taken stock, additionally I stocked up on some essentials that were on sale to get us through the month.  Besides milk, eggs and bread, I think I have created a menu that will keep me out of the grocery store!  I will still be receiving produce from the Produce Co-Op, I'm the organizer for July, and my "pay" is 2 free baskets of produce!!!

1-grilled tilapia and burgers, grilled corn and zuchinni
2-tuna or chicken quesadillas, chips and guacamole
3-leftovers from 1st
4-9 no meals needed
10-brats, baked mashed potatoes, peas
11-satay chicken, peppers and pineapple, leftover rice and noodles
12-VBS celebration
13-homemade pizza
14-grilled chicken, veggies and orzo pasta
16-tacos, chips and guacamole
17-pasta w/meatballs or veggies and marinara
19-bbq chicken sandwiches, baked mashed potatoes, veggies
20-baseball game, chips and sandwiches
21-knock off Panera salad with grilled chicken, bowtie pasta w/bacon and avocado
23-honey sesame chicken, roasted basmati rice and veggies
24-grilled burgers, veggies, chips
27-homemade pizza
29-grilled Greek Chicken pita pockets, salad, fruit
30-sausages, orzo pasta
31-orzo pasta toss w/grilled veggies and chicken
1-calzones, mac and cheese
3-grilled pork burgers, veggies
6-DC until September!!

Breakfasts will be simple:

waffles, cereal, yogurt and fruit, cinnamon sugar toast, eggs and sausage, fruit smoothies


pb and j's, pizza muffins, meat and cheese sandwiches, bagels,

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