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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coach's World Wednesday

Well, I'm sure some of you have completely given up on me!  To be honest, I feel like this blog accurately reflects life right now.  Some parts are full as we've been rich in family time, some parts are empty, and "deal hunting" has pretty much gone away.  It's not that I don't want good deals anymore, it's that I have hardly spent any time in any stores this summer, and am planning trying to keep up the trend!

I picked up a new football related job this year, so that's actually what I'm writing about today!  This year I put together the Media Guide.  Let me tell you folks, this is NOT an easy job!  I'm incredibly thankful that layout is handled by our college designer, but all the details needed to be put together by me, so all he had to do was place things and make them pretty.

So, I:
-contacted businesses for ad placement
-set a printing schedule and got the printer lined up
-contacted alum to write articles
-wrote an article
-convinced our coach's to write their articles
-worked on figuring out the cover
-edited, edited, edited

And I still need to:
-get final copy to lay out guy
-pray it comes back from printer on time
-sell it!

I'm pretty sure this will not be a job I take on again, at least not while working, BUT I did earn us all new (and very needed) mattresses!

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