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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bzz Report: Dr. Scholl's Insoles

I was very excited to be able to participate in the latest Bzz Campaign for Dr. Scholl's Massage Gel insoles.  This came at the perfect time because with summer here I've kicked up my workouts and have found myself with achey muscles!

So, after using the insoles all day Saturday and Sunday here's what I can report.

1) 35 min of the elliptical and my heels were not burning, nor were my toes numb from there not being enough room in my shoes

2) an hour of running around as my sons learned to ride their bikes and my feet were still not achey!

3) This was followed by an hour and a half walk around town with a friend.  I was incredibly tired and achey, but over all, my feet were feeling great.

Here was the best part!  I didn't have soreness on Sunday either!!!

I was a bit concerned about getting the insoles to fit correctly, but after a few tries of cutting them to size and trying the shoes out I found them to be very comfortable and fit nicely.  I didn't have blisters from the sides rubbing and there was no pilling in my socks either.

Dr. Scholl's has several types of insoles designed to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable, and also to reduce stress on lower body joints.

Here is the best part!!!!  This week at CVS Dr. Scholl's are on sale for under $10, AND they are giving you back $3 in ECB's.  PLUS, I have $5 coupons I would LOVE to hand off giving you a chance to get a pair of inserts for under $2 with tax!  Message me if you are interested!

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