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Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review: Healing: unplugged

 This book reviewed for Bethany House Publishers is one I would consider outside my "comfort zone".  This is not to say I don't believe in healing, because I do.   It is simply to say, I have never been priviliged enough to witness a miraculous healing, and find the subject an area where many people aren't truthful, and so when discussing it I would say I am cautious, hesitant and almost nervous.  I want to be clear that a review is separate from an endorsement.  When discussing this upcoming review with a friend he made a great statement: "ITS A WAY BUT NOT "THE" WAY."    Healing is an area of the Christian walk that not everyone will be exposed to, and exposure will certainly vary.  I read this book with the desire to hear what those involved in this ministry say on the subject.  They are certainly not the only 2 men to discuss healing ministries, nor are they the final word, they are men, who seem to desire to serve God with the gifts they were blessed with in the ministry they were called to.  

All that to say, this is a very interesting book, well written, and full of biblical truth.  The book is set up in 2 sections, the authors interview each other, and it is basically 2 conversations about a subject they have deep knowledge and experience in, and yet are very humble about...healings.  I have to admit, sometimes the candor in which they write about seeing the deaf hear and the paralyzed walk struck me as unnerving, and yet, I fully believe that if I had seen what they have seen I would be able to speak with confidence about it as well.  Both men are so clear to remind the reader throughout the discussion that it is God who is doing the work, and as they fumble through their role it is, God blesses their desire to be obedient, even when they (in hind sight) would change things.  

I finished this book with several thoughts, one is that I have a long way to go in my faith, another is that I was grateful for these men, and their willingness to embrace their spiritual gifts of healings, and to learn through action.  A final thought I had was that if you have any curiosity about whether miracles still occur, this a book to put on your must read list.  If you have a desire to be encouraged or to learn a few basic principles about healing, this is a great start.  

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